Apr 07

Henry Penix and Ken Blanchard Speak in Kentucky

Henry spoke to more than 4,000 people at this live event with Mr. Ken Blanchard, in Kentucky. This particular event was also broadcast live-via-satellite to over 200,000 subscribed viewers. Many were encouraged to take the steps necessary for growth and success in all areas of their life. There was no shortage of encouragement here! We’ve received fantastic feedback from this particular event.


Apr 07

How many times have you faced a seemingly difficult situation, all hope lost, only to discover at a later date that everything worked out for your good? I am currently visiting the Cayman Islands and have experienced a few of those situations myself – right here in the Caymans! This is our last day on the island and I thought I would write this newsletter and share my experiences – many lessons learned. I hope you enjoy your April issue of our newsletter.

In This Issue
  • My Room Was All Wrong
  • Lessons From The Bellboy
  • Lessons From The Waiter
  • Lessons From The Captain
  • From a Biblical Perspective

  • My Room Was All Wrong
    What started as a great trip to the Cayman’s for my wife and I began to look like a real disappointment.One of our favorite places to get away is Grand Cayman. We had not visited our favorite island since it was nearly devastated by hurricane Ivan. Our schedules finally opened and we were able to get away. After a two year delay, the new Ritz Carlton was opening and I booked a room. When we arrived and began the check in procedure, things didn’t seem to be going our way. First, our room was all wrong! Not the room itself, but the location. We were tucked away at the back of the hotel overlooking a lagoon. I guess that would have been O.K., only if you didn’t know that the most beautiful ocean view in the world existed on the other side of the hotel! What to do? You have not because you ask not…

    Lessons From The Bellboy
    When we entered our room, overlooking the lagoon, it just didn’t seem right. The ocean was nowhere in sight and my wife and I both had a sense of disappointment.I know, many would say; “you’re staying at the Ritz in Grand Cayman, so get over it!” However, this was not only a reunion of sorts with our favorite island, but we were also celebrating our wedding anniversary and my wife’s birthday. I had to do better. Before the Bellboy unloaded our luggage, I ask him to wait until I made a call to the front desk to ask for a room with a little nicer view. I picked up the phone and someone put me on hold for nearly 10 minutes! My frustration was mounting. I thought for a moment (10 minutes to be exact) that I had chosen the wrong hotel for such a special occasion. I then picked up another phone in the room and called the front desk from line two. When I explained my situation and pleaded my case, the most amazing thing happened. The person I spoke with politely told me that she could not accommodate my request for a better room on the lagoon side of the hotel, but promptly upgraded me to an OCEAN FRONT room at no extra charge! I was elated. Upon hearing the news, our bellboy said; “you know, sometimes things that initially seem bad actually turn out for your good.” How true! How many times have you encountered a situation that seemed horrible, accepted the situation and went on to be miserable? The next time you’re confronted with a bad situation, why not expect the best, be polite and continue to ask for something better until you receive it? I’m not saying that all situations will change on a dime, but I am saying unless you ask, you’ll never know. Even when things don’t change, you can still learn something that will help you later on.

    Lessons From The Waiter
    We were able to visit a few friends we’ve made during our past visits to Grand Cayman – one of those visits really stands out. When dining at one of our favorite restaurants we recognized a waiter who had waited on us during our last visit, just a few months before hurricane Ivan. As we sat and listened, he told us in horrific detail what happened during the hours that lead up to the destruction of nearly all of Grand Cayman, as well as the weeks that followed. He actually phoned his parents and told them he probably would not make it. Just after phoning his parents all communications were lost on Grand Cayman. There was so much water over the island; the entire island disappeared from satellite! The Cayman’s had disappeared from everyone’s radar for more than three hours! As my wife and I listened to more details, we could only imagine what his parent’s were thinking during those hours when they thought their son was gone. As he continued telling us of all the tragedies, to our surprise and amazement, he then began telling us how much he had grown from the experience! Imagine that.Something that looked as if it was going to take his life, as well as the lives of many others, actually made him much stronger. Have you heard the old saying; “what doesn’t kill you will make your stronger?” I believe that when faced with bad situations, if change is impossible and you’ve exhausted every effort, then you should relax and simply learn from the experience. Don’t waste any more energy on something that you know will not change, but ask the question, “what can I learn from this situation and how will this make me stronger?” I’m one for never giving up or giving in, but in extreme cases, like when a hurricane is heading straight for you and you know you can’t change it, use your energies on going thru it and then reflect on what you’ve learned and how it added value to your life!

    Lessons From The Captain
    Upon renting a boat from a captain we’ve used for over ten years now during our visits to Grand Cayman, we heard even more stories of Hurricane Ivan. Because of the tourism decline in the months and years following the big hurricane, many charter captains were put out of business, but not ours! Our Captain did something different. With a strong belief in the survival of his island, our Captain actually stepped out of his comfort zone and invested in something new that would help him, economically, during the recovery. After nearly six decades on the water as a Captain, he purchased a large taxi bus from Japan! Yes, while others were going out of business, he was growing his business! Just as his new bus arrived Grand Cayman, his boat charter business was picking up. Now, instead of offering only chartered boat services, he enlisted a few family members to run his boat business while he built his new bus business! What put others out of business caused our Captain to expand and grow another business. He did not let circumstances or a bad situation take him under. No, he moved forward with faith in himself and great expectations of the future, and actually grew and gained from the bad situation. How many times have you been confronted with a bad situation, accepted it, and lost money, a business, a friend or something else important to you? Why not decide now to move forward in your life, take what you have or what you may be going thru and make it better? Failure is an EVENT not a PERSON. You may have failed many times, but YOU are not a failure. The only failure in life is the person who fails to keep trying until they succeed! Do not perceive a bad situation as only a bad situation. Ask yourself how you can become better and stronger as you move thru it. Learn from your missteps and keep trying until you get what you’re after! There is nothing in life that you can not get over or thru. It may take a little time but YOU WILL SUCCEED if you don’t give up!

    From a Biblical Perspective
    Whatever happens to you in life is working together for your good, no matter if it seams like it at the moment or not. In our previous real life examples, bad situations worked together for the betterment of so many people. It even pushed some from their comfort zone and encouraged new behaviors and even new businesses to develop. Romans 8:28 says; And we know that all that happens to us is working for our good if we love God and are fitting into his plans. (The Living Bible) I truly believe most of you love God, but you may ask, “how do I know if I’m fitting into His plan?” The Bible says to fit into God’s plan you must do two things; love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. As long as you’re walking in love and making a conscience effort to do the right thing towards your neighbor, you are in God’s perfect plan. Religion makes it hard, but relationship with your creator makes it simple – they way I believe God intended. Remember in Matthew 7-8 the Bible says; “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened. As you walk in love expect the best – you are in God’s perfect plan! When circumstances don’t line up with you’re plan continue to ask, seek and knock and you will find. Even if the circumstances don’t change, you will learn something that will ultimately work together for your good – maybe differently than you would have worked it out yourself, but it will be for your good! Many blessings.
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