Aug 29

Peace in volatile markets. With the stock market falling and life investments failing (Bill Gates lost $3.2 Billion on Monday alone!), peace can still be found.

The stock market is a metaphor for everyday life, of sorts. Ever had a life experience where the “bottom falls out”? Ever thought life should be going one direction and it shoots in another? With every twist, turn and disappointment, peace can reign. How?

First, there are no failures in life, only lessons to learn. When Edison was asked how he handled thousands of failures before discovering electricity, he replied, “I never failed, but I learned thousands of ways that didn’t work”. 

If we have the mindset of “learning” from each of our endeavors – there are no failures. We can rest and have peace with that! Count it a joy to learn from each experience, use what you’ve learned on the next and watch life flourish!

Next, know beyond a shadow of a doubt that all things will work together for your good. Reminds me of the song, “Thank God for unanswered prayers”. Many times what we think is best for us, isn’t. In fact, some of the most grueling times in my life have worked more for my good than some of the greatest successes in my life.

When I try and push things, they seldom work. When I give up control and live in the present with an attitude of thankfulness, everything seems to work. Embrace and appreciate all life experiences, learn the lessons and allow an inexplicable peace to saturate every part of your life…

Aug 12

Good or bad, a snapshot in time should not de-fine us, but re-fine us. If we experience a “good” event like winning an award, closing a big deal or anything else that brings “positive” recognition, we should learn from that event and use what we’ve learned in our next endeavor. By contrast, if we experience a “bad” event like loosing money, a failed relationship, or anything else that brings “negative” recognition, we should also learn from that event and use what we’ve learned in our next endeavor. So, if we can use and grow from what we’ve learned from any event or experience in our life, who’s to label either “good” or “bad”? What if the things we learn from so called “bad” events actually help more as we progress through life than the “good” ones? How many people have won the lottery, only to lose all of their friends and file for bankruptcy within a few years following this “good” event? How many people have experienced a devastating loss or a “bad” event that served as the catalyst to nudged them in a direction that they never would have gone otherwise, and experienced success and fulfillment like never before because of it? Use all events in life to learn from and allow them to re-fine you, but never de-fine you. All things will work together for our good…