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Welcome to the April 2007 issue of your newsletter.This edition will be dedicated to exploring and explaining your imagination. I think you’ll find it particularly interesting and remember, if you enjoy it, please pass it along to your friends.

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    This is one of my favorite topics to discuss because without imagination we would all be living in a very boring and mundane world, wouldn’t you agree? Think about this – without the active imagination of someone envisioning the possibilities of light produced at the flip of a switch, something we now call a light bulb, we would all still be in the dark, right?Just think, what if no one had ever imagined traveling through the sky in a metal container driven by propellers and jet engines. You’re right, no airplanes.How about traveling across the Ocean inside of a floating hotel – you guessed it, no Cruise Ships. What if no one had ever imagined speeding up the process of cooking? Remember when it took hours to do what we can now do in just minutes? Could you even imagine life now without a Microwave oven? I can’t. Life just wouldn’t be the same without imagination.

    Consider this – Anything you can possibly think of and anything you’ve ever seen or anything you ever will see, ALL began as just a thought in someone else’s mind. Remember this – Imagination always precedes creation.You’ve probably heard of all the catch-phrases like; if you can dream it you can do it or as a man thinketh so is he, or, if you can see it and believe it you can achieve it? Those are all good and true for the most part, but I really want you to understand that an active imagination is a necessity for anything and everything.

    An active imagination is even necessary in the realization of your own desired future. Wouldn’t you agree? What have you imagined your own life being like? What did you use to daydream about or maybe even continue to daydream about, even today? Have you ever formalized a plan to actually do what you’ve been dreaming or have you just given up and maybe dismissed it as a dumb idea? In my opinion, since you asked, the only true dumb idea is giving up on your dream.

    You are in more control of your future than you think and it all starts with an active imagination – it’s natural. Remember as kids how we used to imagine things that were impossible? How many of you have ever imagined you could fly? I know the Wright brothers did. How about having x-ray vision? Any super-hero’s out there? One of my personal favorites was to imagine that I could actually breathe under water. I think that was probably the driving force behind my first scuba lesson and subsequent certification to dive.So let me ask you this, if we all had imaginations that were more prevalent and natural in us as children than as adults, what happened? Who told you that you couldn’t do what you were imagining? Did you listen? Why? What if Thomas Edison, or Bill Gates, or the Wright Brothers had given up on their imaginations? This entire world would be different. Your entire world will be different if you try and suppress or ignore your own imagination!

    Would someone else have ultimately succeeded at what Bill Gates, the Wright Brothers or Thomas Edison had imagined? Probably so, you know life has a funny way about those things. Let me ask you this; have you ever thought of something useful or had an idea of how something could work better, only to see someone else come up with the very same idea and actually implement it into society? How did that make you feel? Do you just think that was just a coincidence? No, I don’t either.I’ll go this far, there are people alive today, depending, on what you’ve been imagining. Whether a new job, a new invention, a new and better way of doing something, whatever it is, there are others right now that are waiting on you to show up in life with your unique idea!There are even opportunities and monies waiting on your idea right now, but you have to act! Take steps now to introduce the world to what you’ve only imagined in the past and your future will be “more than you could have ever imagined”

    The Bible says in Philippians 4:8 Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things. NIVIn essence, use your imaginations on good, pure and admirable things. Always imagining the best in others and the very best way something could turn out for you. When you use your energies on the good things, then good things will manifest themselves in your life. Allow your imagination to work for you and watch as your wildest dreams become your daily reality.
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