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Welcome to the May 2007 issue of your newsletter. We will be talking about self-confidence and the affect it has on just about every area of your life. I hope this adds great value to your life and remember, if you enjoy it, please pass it along to your friends.

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    If you happen to lack self-confidence, this may have been created by a series of failures in your life. But please remember that failure is an event, NOT a person. Just because you may have failed many times, that does NOT make you a failure!You may remember the story of Thomas Edison and his quest to discover electricity. He failed more than 10,000 times before the light bulb came on! Right? Wrong! When a reporter asked Edison about his 10,000 failures, Edison quickly replied: “I didn’t fail 10,000 times, but Idiscovered 10,000 ways that didn’t work!” His entire mindset only supported the idea that he was a discoverer and not a failure. What is your mindset?

    If your parents, close friends, or relatives continually called you a no good loser that would never amount to anything, this could be effecting your self-confidence today. Psychologists say that when you hear something from someone long enough, EVEN IF IT’S UNTRUE; you begin to internalize it as a fact. If these words came from someone you respected or held in a position of authority, it has even a more profound effect.I love the example of Michael Jordan – one of the world’s greatest basketball players ever. Did you know that he was told by his high school basketball coach that he would never make the varsity basketball team and should probably take up another sport? Yes, the great Air Jordan’s basketball coach cut him from his high school basketball team!Now let me ask you a question. What if Michael Jordan would have accepted what his coach told him as a fact and quit the sport he loved? What if he would have let the words of his coach, someone he looked up to, someone in authority over him, mold his future? This world would have missed out on so much, not to mention Michael Jordan himself! Has anyone said anything to you that could be affecting your self- confidence today? Has that caused you to miss certain opportunities?

    If you can think of someone in your life that put you down with condescending words, let’s take a look at what really happened and change your perspective today! This person was obviously not educated on the psychological ramifications of the power of their words and probably didn’t even mean what they said. Haven’t you said something during an argument or “off the top of your head” without really thinking it through? Even if they did mean what they said, back then, that doesn’t mean they still think that way now. So if the odds are very remote that this person even remembers what they said in the past, why are you still holding on to what they said today?Here are three very important words for you – LET IT GO.Even though they have probably already changed their opinion of you – not that their opinion mattered anyway – why are you still holding on to their words? Again, let it go! If this person is still close to you and they continue in the same behavior and continue to put you down, take this time to educate them on the ramifications of their words and ask them to quit. Whether they continue or not, OR, whether you decide to continue associating with them, you need to know that their negative words cannot form your future unless you let them! You are the only one that can allow that to happen. PLEASE – Don’t allow it to happen – Just LET IT GO.

    Please realize that even though the negative experiences you’ve had in the past may have tried to shape your future and hinder your self-confidence, you have the power to reshape it today. As you recognize failure as an event and not a person, you will also realize that the past does not equal the future. You are a discoverer and a learner but NOT a failure. With that mindset, failing doesn’t even exist. Discovering from your experiences exists and learning exists but failing does not exist.Discover your way to the new you. Use everything you’ve learned in the past as a tool to shape your future – a stepping stone to your own success. Keep moving forward into the life of your dreams – don’t allow anything or anyone to stop you. You’ve got what it takes to use what you’ve learned from obstacles and experiences to live the life you truly desire! Use the words of those around you to propel you to success – seeing them for what they really are. Now, GO FOR IT!

    The Bible states in Philippians 3:13 “No, dear brothers, I am still not all I should be, but I am bringing all my energies to bear on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead.” (TLB). If you focus on your past to the extent that it keeps you from “going for” a great future, you will never truly become all you were born to be. However, if you focus on your past only to the extent that you learn from things that didn’t work and use the things that did, a successful future is inevitable! Focus your energies on attaining a great future, let go of the past, press forward and watch as your wildest dreams become your reality!
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