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For most of the country the month of March begins to reveal signs of spring. Spring cleaning, springing into action and springing forward in time. How will you enter Spring? Did you make New Year’s resolutions in January? Are you implementing those resolutions or are you waiting for tomorrow or next week or next month to begin? If you are currently taking action towards all of your goals, then congratulations! If not, let’s talk about how to implement the steps necessary to achieve the success in your life you deserve! Make a new commitment with me now to begin taking action steps towards your dreams, goals and desires as we March into spring together!Please enjoy your newsletter and remember if you like it, please pass it on..

In This Issue
  • Make a List
  • Ask Why
  • Create Emotion
  • Measure Your Progress
  • Measurements
  • From a Biblical Perspective

  • Make a List
    Take just a few minutes and make a list of the things you promised yourself you would do this year, but haven’t. Make another list of the things you promised yourself you would do this year, and have. Which list is longer? Good intentions will not get you the results you’re after – action steps will. In consulting literally thousand of people all around the world, one thing seems to be consistent. When people set goals and consistently take the action steps necessary for their attainment (plan their work and work their plan), I have found they usually always have defined a big enough why, early on, pushing them to greatness. A BIG enough why, with enough emotion attached, will move mountains!

    Ask Why
    If you haven’t implemented actions steps to attain your goals OR need an extra push to continue your momentum, then create a bigger why with LOTS of emotion! Write down on a piece of paper or type into your computer why you want to achieve the dreams, goals and desires you’ve set before yourself? This may sound elementary and you may say that you don’t need to reduce this to writing, but please take just a few minutes to write your answers down – it will make a world of difference. In your answers, attach LOTS of emotion! How do I attach lots of emotion you ask?..

    Create Emotion
    As you answer AND WRITE DOWN why you want to achieve your goals, add lots of emotion! For an example, if I said that I wanted to diet and exercise just to lose weight, I haven’t created much emotion. Lack of emotion results in lack of motion. It becomes very easy to give up on your goals because you’re not emotionally attached to them! To add emotion, I should say I want to diet and exercise so that I will have a great quality of life, more energy to passionately pursue all of the exciting opportunities coming my way, live longer to enjoy my family and other close relationships, increase my income by experiencing less sick days at work and look younger than my age! Once you’ve attached enough emotion to your why, your commitment level to accomplish your goals WILL SOAR! Once you have written down your why’s, whenever you “feel” like giving up, just retrieve what you’ve written down and read it over and over. If you still aren’t moved to action, attach MORE EMOTION! Once you’ve completed this step, to really get results, you should begin measuring your progress.

    Measure Your Progress
    Once you begin moving towards your goals, you should begin measuring your progress! Study after study has proven that if you measure your progress, you’re more apt to continue moving towards your goals without giving up. A few years ago, I added running to my workout regime and discovered something very interesting about myself.Whenever I wore a runner’s watch and timed myself, the very fact that I was being timed encouraged me to NEVER give up until I finished the run I had planned.Whenever I was not wearing the runner’s watch, I would occasionally justify an easier run and would even walk part of my planned run. Measuring your progress will help you stay more focused and on task as you move towards the attainment of your goals. Measuring your progress can be accomplished a variety of ways.

    Once you’ve decide to measure your progress, now you must to decide how. If you are a self- starter, one way to measure your progress is to make a chart and color in benchmarks as they are attained. For an example, if I was measuring a sales goal for the year, I would make a chart broken up into what I wanted to measure. Let’s say it was for total dollars sold. I would draw a chart that looks like a thermometer and at the bottom I would write $0 and at the top I would write my goal – let’s say $5,000,000.00. In between $0 and $5M, I would have horizontal lines drawn (spaced about one inch from each other) representing every $100,000.00 in business I closed. Day by day I would update my chart and color-in each section upon its corresponding attainment. I actually used this method when I worked with a Fortune 500 Corporation and was rank in the top 2% of the company in sales. It even won me a trip to Hawaii! You can also use this method for measuring your weight, number of new clients obtained, number of new calls made, number of houses sold or anything else you want to progress in.If you are not a self- starter and would not follow thru with this method or just need an extra push, then you should seriously consider getting a business or life coach to help hold you accountable to the steps necessary for the attainment of your goals. Either way, begin measuring your progress now and realize all of your dreams, goals and desires SOON!


    From a Biblical Perspective
    Habakkuk 2:2-3 says: The LORD gave me this answer: “Write down clearly on tablets what I reveal to you, so that it can be read at a glance. This clearly shows how important it is to write down your goals and make them clear – even so they can be read at a glance! It worked back then and it works now. If it’s important enough to set as a goal, it’s important enough to write down!Luke 14:28-29 says: “But don’t begin until you count the cost. For who would begin construction of a building without first getting estimates and then checking to see if he has enough money to pay the bills? Otherwise he might complete only the foundation before running out of funds. And then how everyone would laugh!Metaphorically, this can apply to any endeavor. Before you begin anything, set down and count ALL THE COST.The more effort you put into setting your goals up front, the more likely you are to realize their attainment. Make a decision now to write down your why’s, attach a LOT of emotion to your answers, measure you progress and watch all of your dreams, goals and desires begin to materialize!
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