Jun 07

Welcome – What an exciting time of year. During the next few months most of us will be taking that much needed vacation or, as business slows, decide to spend more time with our families and friends. This “time off” is so important in living a life of balance and to the overall well being of us all. A poll was taken a few years ago from Fortune 500 CEO’s. They were asked what they would have done differently if they could “do it all over again”. An amazing 80% (+/- 5%) said they would have spent more time with their families. Money can not buy time. I hope you enjoy your June issue of our newsletter as we learn about life in balance. If you like it, please pass it on to friends, family or colleges.

In This Issue
  • What’s priority?
  • The Table of Life
  • More Legs More Stability
  • From a Biblical Perspective

  • What’s priority?
    There are certainly busier times of the year than others – times where you really must bear down and complete a task. However, problems generally arise when those busy times never lighten up. Weekly projects become monthly projects, monthly projects become annual projects and before you know it five to ten years has passed. I’ve often been quoted saying that a person can buy companies, sell companies and make money various ways throughout their lifetime, but usually there’s only one chance to raise a family. For you without family consider, there’s only one chance to have a significant impact on your friends and loved ones.

    The Table of Life
    Image your life as a table. Any good table will have strong legs to support the same, right? Under your table exists legs, these legs are most generally called financial, spiritual, social, mental, relational and physical health. If you focus on just one primary area in your life, let’s say financial, you may have one of the strongest financial legs that exists, however, a table with only one strong leg is very unstable. If you have a table with only two or three legs and one is damaged or gets kicked out from under you, your table will fall.

    More Legs More Stability
    The more legs under your table the more stable it will be in good times and in not so good times. How unfortunate to be a public success but a private failure.The good news is you can begin developing stronger legs now. Assess each leg mentioned in the previous section and create steps you can take to strengthen each. For example, if your relational leg needs strengthened, think of a close family member or relative you could call now and speak with or even schedule a lunch or dinner. As each leg is strengthened your quality of life will increase proportionately.

    From a Biblical Perspective
    The Bible says in 3 John 2 – Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. KJV Even the word of God admonishes us to prosper and be in health, even as our soul prospers. This includes our financial well being, our health and our spirituality. I could prove in the Bible (maybe in another newsletter) that total prosperity includes all legs under your table of life. Prosperity is not success in one area of life at the expense of another – it’s succeeding in ALL areas of life. The Bible also says in Matt 6:33 – But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. KJV As a child of God you are promised to prosper in All areas of life as you put God first – that’s the Good News of the gospel!
    Special Thanks
    I would like to personally thank everyone who helped support our European outreach. It was fantastic! Many lives were touched as people packed the buildings. My son Zac experienced his first public speaking engagement – he did great. Before we left we were invited back next year for twice as many events! Thanks again for your help.
    And The WINNER is…
    Congratulations to Rod V., who won our contest held two months ago. Rod sent in a summary of how our outreach has effected his life and was picked our winner. Rod will be contacted this month and awarded his prize. Watch for upcoming contest and you could be the next winner.


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