Dec 12

I am delighted to announce the birth of The Gift – Coaching and Strategic Planning Center! Once known as Accelerate Your Destiny, the new center will offer some of the world’s best coaching and strategic planning for companies and individuals.

Why do you think that some of the top athletes in the world have up to three coaches each? How about top entertainers and business executives? These people don’t employ coaches just to get better, but they employ coaches in order to be the best! Numerous studies have been released that prove how a coach can be one of the greatest values in a person’s business and/or personal life. What was once only provided for the “rich and famous” is now available to everyone!

The Gift

Our new coaching and strategic planning center is now ready to help you succeed in every area of life! One free coaching and strategic planning session is included in our most recent product titled The Gift. (Yes, some of the best things in life are still FREE!) Upon your completion of that experience, you will walk away with a whole new perspective on life; I promise! If you would like to continue that experience, additional packages are available upon request. Until next time!


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