Jul 22

Welcome to the summer issue of your newsletter. Great changes are currently taking place all around the world, from the white house to your house!  Some resist change and some embrace it -there are unique consequences to each.  How do you deal with change?  It could make a difference! Please enjoy your newsletter and remember, if you like it, please pass it on!

Change for the Sake of Change
Have you ever said to yourself, I just need a change?  Maybe you’re stuck in a rut, simply bored with life or just turned 50, but something is drawing you to make change just for the sake of change.  Please be careful with this type of change and think of the consequences.  Many people have ruined 20-year-long relationships seeking change.  Others have walked the “wild side” only to return with experiences they would gladly forget or rewind if they could.  If seeking a thrill, gather with a few friends and simply talk about it – chances are, they are too.  This will bring balance to your decisions, while still getting it out of your system!

Emergency Change
This is what many call life or death situations.  Some outside force or event occurs and if you don’t change, you have a high probability of total failure or even death!  A banker calls your real estate note and you have no place to go.  You are diagnosed with a disease that gives you a 50-50 chance of survival.  In any case, when an emergency change enters your life, do not overreact.  Stay calm and know that there is a way out and you will survive!  Expect the best and work towards a solution where you will be victorious and not the victim.  So many just take what life has to offer without considering any alternative.  Remember, alternatives are as numerous as your imagination.  Think outside the box and begin to imagine the best outcome to your situation and then take action steps to make it a reality!  You are much stronger than you think, I promise.

Controlled Change
When controlled change occurs, it is usually a product of much thought and planning.  This may be a well thought out job change, birth of a child or marriage.  You have imagined, carefully planned and then taken steps to implement.  Most prefer this type of change because it offers a sense of control.  But please remember, that even in a controlled environment, things can get out of control.  Just like the pilot who is never really 100% on course after taking off, but must constantly adjust until he reaches his destination, we too should adjust and adapt until we reach ours.  The more you can adjust to seemingly uncontrollable situations, the more peace and clarity of thought you will have to make it to your destination.

Uncontrolled Change
An act of God is probably the best example of uncontrolled change.  This type of change happens and there is no possible way to control it.  A tornado, hurricane or an earthquake occurs and there is no way out. These are the cases when your natural instincts take over and come to your rescue.  I’m sure you’ve heard of the lady who discovered her child was trapped under a car and then lifted the car by herself to free her child.  Or, the fireman who weighing only 150 pounds carried a man nearly twice his size over 100 yards to safety.  Just knowing you have this natural instinct should free you from the panic that usually accompanies uncontrolled change.  When you’re panic free, you have even greater energy and focus to beat most any uncontrolled change you may encounter.

From a Biblical Perspective
Change has occurred since the beginning of time.  No matter what your belief system of the creation of the world, I think we can all agree that massive change has occurred over time, right? In fact, if change is not occurring, it usually means death.  The Bible says that a child of God can have peace in the midst of a storm, a peace that passes all human understanding in the very midst of an event that seams out of control –How?  Because we have the creator of the universe living inside of us – leading, guiding and teaching us in all things.  With that, we can rest assure that all things are in fact under control, even if they appear otherwise. All things will work together for our good.  I’ve been through various experiences that no matter how hard I tried; I could never see how they would ever benefit me.  But, after enough time passed, each experience was in fact of ultimate benefit. I bet if you think about it, you’ve also had experiences that seemed chaotic in the moment, but later you learned and grew from them.  So, we know change will happen and no matter what change occurs, we’ll either learn from it or grow through it.  As we recognize that He is in control of every situation, we can yield to His direction and have the peace that passes all human understanding in the midst of any type of change.