Sep 27

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Jul 15

Europe 2007

Henry toured throughout Europe, speaking at several sold-out conferences. His theme was how to discover your unique gift in life and then implement proven steps to realize your dreams! He was welcomed with open arms by Europeans at each conference as he taught how to live the European Dream. While everyone received and responded to the practical steps Henry taught, he also ensured them that wealth alone did not define their success. He was quoted saying “what good would all the money in the world be without the health, peace of mind and friends to enjoy it with.” His first European tour was in 2005 and he’s been doubling his outreach in Europe ever since – 2007 was a banner year as he released THE GIFT for the first time ever in German. Plans are being set in motion for 2008 and 2009. Please email us for updates on dates and locations.


Jun 30

Fishing in Alaska

It doesn’t get any better than opening a conference in Alaska during the same time of the Great Salmon Run! The people were great, many lives were touched and we even had time to go salmon fishing! Alan Humphries hosted the meetings while Scott Romain and Jim & Cindy Nelson ensured great fishing trips! Henry’s wife was such a sport as she allowed him to take this picture holding HER SALMON! Good job Laurie!


Nov 14

Henry A. Penix has been featured on some of the nation’s top television stations including TBN, ABC, UPN, Direct T.V., Daystar, CTN, BET and Le Sea Broadcast. Once unable to purchase his own weddings rings at a cost of $130, every area of his life was changed upon the implementation of certain processes he now teaches. Henry has been booked nationally as a keynote speaker with:Henry has been booked nationally as a keynote speaker with:

  • Zig Ziglar
  • Dr. Ken Blanchard
  • Dr. John Maxwell
  • Peter Lowe
  • Brian Tracy
  • Norm Miller
  • Tom Hopkins
  • Dr. Creflo Dollar

He has received the following national awards:

  • Recipient of SBA’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award
  • Recipient of the National Blue Chip Enterprise Initiative Award
  • Recipient of OVF’s Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies Award
  • Received commendations from Governor Walters, as well as the Senate and House of Representatives, for leadership
  • Recipient of an Honorary Doctorate of Christian Leadership

References (more available upon request):“ Thank you for your willingness to share from the heart on your recent appearance on LIFE TODAY. We have a potential viewing audience of more than 100 million households, so imagine the impact that your message can have! You did great!”

James Robison – Host of LIFE TODAY

“Of all the success stories I’ve heard, I can only think of a few that carry the impact that Henry A. Penix’s does. Hearing about the journey that Henry and his wife made to get where they are today, a place of true success, really touched me personally……a tremendous testimony that needs to be heard.”

Peter Lowe – President/CEO of Get Motivated Success Seminars

 “Henry A. Penix has done an outstanding job of outlining the steps for you to become all your were created to be. His new book is truly a gift for your life, read it!”

Ken Blanchard – The One-Minute Manager

Iowa Client: “I’ve read most of Steven Covey’s work. I have Anthony Robbins audio and books, Norman Vincent Peal, Brian Tracy, and the list goes on. I teach people in corporations how to identify their goals, create a plan and accomplish their objectives. I really wasn’t sure that my life coach, or anyone else, could give me anything new. However, I did know that I needed help for life to be as I felt it should be. Thank you for coaching and facilitating my journey. I now feel I’m on the right path to do great things.”