Nov 07

Private Dinner with Rudolph Giuliani

Henry Penix and Rudolph Giuliani discuss various topics at a private dinner reception following a recent event in Oklahoma City. Henry was impressed with the way Mr. Giuliani addressed specific issues with the utmost honesty and integrity. Mr Giuliani is, Henry states, “seemingly a natural born leader” and “will have tremendous support in any venue he chooses.” Once all of the important questions were out of the way, Mr. Giuliani opened discussion for more personal questions. While some were begging for predictions of presidency, Henry extracted a more important personal detail, and you can say you heard it first from this website… Henry discovered that Mr. Giuliani’s favorite color is green! :-) While the question is humorous, Henry saw that through answering that question even before answering a more political interrupting question, Giuliani expresses not only sincerity but also a relatability not often found in political figures. What an event to remember!