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Mr. Penix’s influence spans the globe.  In business at an early age, he created and grew a startup from one employee to over 300, which led to a successful exit.

Mr. Penix has been featured on the television show Shark Tank representing his Tulsa based technology company, which has taken him around the world. His company garnered over 1-Billion media impressions worldwide and was featured in Opera Magazine, Businessweek, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg’s and shown on Good Morning America, The Martha Stewart show and QVC.

From commercial developments such as Private schools, Subway restaurants and Starbucks coffee shops, to building custom homes and developing neighborhoods, Henry enjoys real estate as well. “To take something from nothing and create excellence for others to share is one of the most rewarding things I do”, says Mr. Penix.

As a spokesperson for health and wellness, he was also involved in the growth and development of two supplement companies, from formulations to marketing and distribution.

Recently, he has joined forces with StressRX, to develop and grow a line of natural supplements dealing with the effects of stress on the mind and body.  “With healthcare in such poor shape, we must provide healthy and affordable solutions for the masses”, says Henry. “This company is one of the nation’s greatest thought leaders on stress, a subject that absolutely effects everyone on the planet.”

Mr. Penix enjoys spending time with family, traveling, writing and consulting various types of businesses and organizations. He has been afforded the opportunity to develop partnerships and friendships with some of the nation’s foremost business and political leaders.

Born from a life of simple means, Mr. Penix never forgets the value of a dollar. He is adamant about accountability and relentless in negotiations. When public speaking, he shares candidly his successes, but more importantly his lessons learned, so that others may benefit from the same.

Mr. Penix consults with various companies around the globe, specializing in long term strategic planning and go-to-market strategies.

Mr. Penix is the recipient of: The National Blue Chip Enterprise Initiative award, SBA’s entrepreneur of the year award, Commendations from the Governor of Oklahoma, Commendations from the Senate and House of Representatives, Oklahoma’s Fastest Growing Business, and an Honorary Doctorate.



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Restlessness is the first sign that something bigger is trying to happen in your life.
— Henry A. Penix


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