Be Curious

Be curious… I’m naturally curious and adventurous, especially if it’s against what the “crowd” is doing.

When I was in Philly at a QVC training, my curiosity led me down a certain path. When the trainees taking the tour of the studios went down one hallway, I “mistakenly” went down another. Down that hallway just happened to be all the buyers! And I “just so happened” to ask my way to the buyer I needed for my electronic product.

A very LONG story short, that curious adventure resulted in two, 10-minute segments on QVC whereas we sold $35K/min of product or $700K in sales in just 20 minutes!!!

If I hadn’t been curious, or feared taking the adventurous route, none of that would have happened!

Where will your next curious adventure take you? Be curious and have a great weekend!

Olivia Bramble