Finding Your Leverage


Whether you’re leading a sales team or an entire organization,

it’s important that you know your leverage as well as

how to use that leverage in order to succeed in business.


In my video “Finding Your Leverage: The #1 Tool to Have Success” I’ll teach you just that.

Everything in life is leverage, my job is to show you the playbook on: 

  • What leverage is

  • What your leverage is

  • How to access it, and

  • How to be successful in life

Are you ready to find and utilize your leverage?

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Who am I? I’m Henry Penix, a global entrepreneur, best-selling author, investor, and adviser with a passion for big, revolutionary ideas. I’ve used my leverage to build many successful companies across tech, education, entertainment, real estate and more. I believe the best ideas and the biggest opportunities are worth fighting for.